From the catwalk to the windows of illa Carlemany

The big firms of the fashion world and the top designers sketch out the trends and styles for each season on the catwalks. The fashion and accessories brands at illa Carlemany, THE CENTRE in Andorra, are flooding the shop windows with spring and summer ideas that reinterpret the dictates of those trends and styles.

For this spring, in 2020, we’ll be gradually leaving behind the skinny trousers and tailored fits, to ring in updated versions of the 1970s and 1980s: loose-fitting and baggy garments that are therefore more comfortable.

Both men and women will be seeing the arrival of oversize shirts and blazers, wide trousers—both long and short—, black leather jackets combined with neutral pieces for a balanced look; wide-neck shirts, voluminous backs, bell-bottom trousers, fringe, vests and romantic white dresses, with embroidery, ruffles and crochet, to evoke a modern boho romanticism, with transparencies and femininity.

Jackets with large pockets, inspired on worker clothing, will be appearing among the proposals for men, as will double breasted blazers, the rugby polo style, the diplomatic stripe and the matching print for the swimsuit and shirt—with a looser fit and elbow-length sleeves—, enabling the wearer to go from the pool to the bar with no need to change.

The denim on denim combination will still be up to date for both men and women, and for the ladies, their wardrobe will have to include a tube skirt or overalls in earth tones.

As to colours, black is still in, as it always dresses things up. Nevertheless, green and turquoise are finding their niche, as is also the case of the pastel tones—mauve, pale yellow, sky blue, pale pink—to counteract the continuity of the neon and fluorescent colours for the more daring.

Large tropical flower prints and jungle prints will be the trend, coexisting alongside tiger, zebra and giraffe animal prints. Safari-style pieces will also enjoy a prominent place, in terms of both cut and colour, for him and her alike.

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