For skin care, you can trust the expertise of illa Carlemany

For skin care, you can trust the expertise of illa Carlemany

You’ll find all the guidance you need to care for your skin and hydrate it properly at illa Carlemany. Simply stop into Centros Ideal on floor 2, Parafarmàcia Galeno on floor 0 or Júlia Perfumeries on the ground floor. The experts at these shops will recommend the best treatments and products for your specific skin type.

In the shower

There are many things you can do to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. And really, a 10-minute shower is all the time you need. Start by using a mild shower gel, avoid aggressive scrubbing with a sponge and gently pat yourself dry with a towel. Finally, it’s advisable to keep the water temperature below 38° C, as excessively high temperatures can lead to itching and eczemas.

Apply a moisturizing cream to the entire body daily to keep your skin hydrated. The moisturizer moreover acts as a protective barrier for the skin while also preventing possible infections that could otherwise get into the body through the small cracks in the skin. When it’s cold out, moisturizing cream will prevent the itching caused by very dry skin resulting from the use of non-breathable clothing. If you find that your skin is itchy, apply a bit of skin cream directly to the irritated areas and avoid excessive scratching.

Lips and face

The lips suffer the most from the low temperatures, as they are highly exposed. Be sure to use a lip balm and try not to lick your lips constantly, as this habit will only aggravate the pain if your lips are cracked and can actually lead to cracking.

As to the face, you will want to select a cream in keeping with your skin type. Oily skin types are better equipped to resist the cold and sudden changes in temperature, meaning that they can be cleansed twice a day using an oil-free emulsion. In contrast, normal and dry skin types require heavier, more textured creams. And for those of you who ski in the winter, you will need to bear in mind the ultraviolet radiation and apply sunblock every three or four hours.

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