Following the fashions or having style?

“Fashion comes and goes; but style lasts forever”. As Coco Chanel famously pointed out, it’s one thing to dress fashionably and it’s something entirely different to dress with style.

If you check the Internet for the men’s fashion trends for 2020 and the dressing styles, you’ll get very different results. In the first case, you’ll see fashion shows where the models strut the catwalk in loose clothing, strident colours, transparencies and feminine shirts; things that don’t seem all that appropriate for normal daily life. In the second case, you’ll also see models, yet this time they’re in the street, in regular everyday situations, wearing the right clothing for the occasion and activity, with personal styles built with already existing garments, yet adding in specific pieces that set them apart. So, having style means wearing the right pieces for every occasion, while at the same time seeing that they express your individual identity.

Whilst there are many dressing styles for men, the sector has classified six basic categories: urban, hipster, sporty, biker, casual and classic. The urban look combines comfort, practicality and aesthetics. In contrast, the hipster captures the spirit of the past, history and all things vintage; a nice, well-cared-for beard being one of this style’s signature features. As to the sporty look, dressing sporty doesn’t mean walking around in gym wear all the time, but rather wearing comfortable garments, like sweatshirts and trainers, all the while making sure that the brand is scandalously visible. For its part, the biker style is associated with a life of freedom, rebelliousness and a hint of anarchy. Its flagship piece is none other than the black leather jacket. The most widespread look of all is the casual style, which places priority on comfort with a touch of elegance and personality. And finally, we have the classic style, which resists the trends and revolves around the suit, along with a nice shirt, formal shoes, a tie and the essential pocket handkerchief.

All these looks are on display in the shops of illa Carlemany, Andorra’s centre, where style and fashion are inseparable.

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