Fashions for autumn-winter 2020-2021

A year ago, international designers and runways were already dictating the reigning trends of the collections of this autumn-winter season. And so, the looks shown on the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan—often so extravagant that it seems impossible that someone would actually wear them—have been reinterpreted, giving rise to the pieces that now appear in the shop windows of illa Carlemany.

This year’s fashions for both women and men reveal the influence of the 1970s. For example, the women’s shirts include large bows around the neck, and the men’s shirts are showing ruffs and built-in neck scarves, and zippers are taking the place of buttons.

In women’s fashions, red is this year’s chosen colour for festive finery; yet white is ever-present, coexisting with checked prints, fringe, leathery textures, thick wool pieces, and long, minimalist coats and jackets that come down to the feet.

The thick, woollen weaves and the long, simple coats have also found their way into men’s wardrobes. For those with more classic tastes, chocolate is the latest colour for trouser-blazer combinations. For the elegant yet provocative man, the styles take on a more feminine flair with overly large handbags, sateen pieces in bold tones and wide-leg trousers, which are further emphasised with seams in the front or at the sides. For those who prefer more casual styles, the trends include oversized sweatshirts with elastic at the waist and buttons up to the chest, combined with pants featuring overlapping front pockets and down jackets.

And finally, a rather odd style: shorts with knee socks, a very bold look. We’ll have to wait until winter to see if it catches on with the low temperatures. No doubt, the thought alone is sure to make you shiver!

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