Fashion trends this Spring

Fashion trends this Spring

Good weather is on its way and the major fashion brands are already showing what we’ll be wearing this Spring. The collections of the new season opt for clear tones and blazers or dresses with soft lines, and a more comfortable and flat footwear. Before you store your coats and make a wardrobe change, you’ll know what style to choose for your new pants, shirts, skirts, accessories or shoes as we review the main trends of Spring 2019.

  1. Blazer: You can always wear a blazer with pants, but, you can also wear a blazer dress, which is very elegant. This Spring, we’ll especially see them with a high waist belt. You can choose an elegant white or turn up the colour and combine it with a pair of jeans for a more casual look. If you don’t already have one, this season is your chance to add this must-have to your wardrobe.
  2. T-shirts with messages: Even though they are already classics, in 2019 you’ll see them even more with expressions about equality, feminism, freedom, love or the sustainability of the planet. These are basic street style items, very easy to mix and match and they really show off your personality.
  3. Skirts: Whether you prefer buttons, jeans, pleated, with a cut, straight or asymmetrical, tube, more elegant or sophisticated, whatever style you choose, the length is always midi.
  4. Jumpsuit dress: This practical piece resists seasonal changes and survives design changes. If you like wearing these one-piece dresses, go for a Worker or Safari style, this Spring’s favourite styles. A super comfortable look
  5. Jeans jacket: Forget the water-resistant plastic coats, this Spring, the jeans jacket is going to save the day. It’s super versatile and you can mix and match it with any lookyou want, like a pair of jeans or a jumpsuit dress.
  6. Pants: Even if temperatures are going up, pants can still beat their biggest rivals skirts and dresses. With ankle jeans you can show off your booties or your trendy sneakers. However, this Spring you can also make a statement with culottes orleggings, especially animal print leggings!
  7. Footwear: Stand out this Spring with sneakers that fit any look, especially with platform heels and in white or pastel colours. Remember to stay comfortable in your sock boots, flat shoes, like the college style mocassins, and sandals in all shapes and sizes, flat, high-heeled or with platform heels.
  8. Accessories: Belt bags were back on the world’s most important catwalks in designs and colours whatever your fancy. You can also wear them as crossbody bags. Flowers are classic in the spring, so you can also wear them on a printed scarf or bandana, or even a shoulder strap bag with a floral print. Sunglasses have geometrical, rectangular or hexagonal shapes with glasses in different shades so you can have a full-colour look.

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