Fashion trends for autumn 2021

Fashion trends for autumn 2021

It’s the new season and new fashions and accessories are here, for both women and men. We now present a roundup of the trends on the catwalks, but at the shops in illa Carlemany you’ll find ideas that are sure to suit your style.

The essentials for her

Trousers with prints are in, for instance with animal prints, as are cowboy-style boots but in white, oversize check jackets, blouses with a romantic air with large ribbons at the neck, Vichy check, trousers with wide legs, XXL gabardines, straight-cut jeans, classic moccasins and the odd leather item.

The colours green, blue and lilac play a leading role. Green, which was already on the way in this summer, goes on and adapts to autumn tones. Lilac remains on the palette this year once more and vibrant, striking yellow has earned a place.

The classic camel colour plays a bigger part than ever, both for accessories and in garments or whole combinations. The colours gold and silver make a grand entrance, adding style to any combination of basic colours.

The essentials for him

XXL belted coats, crossed or gabardine-type, and three-quarter length coats but in leather, Matrix-style.

The knitted polo shirt triumphs, because it is a comfortable, versatile garment that mixes and matches with both jeans and a suit.

Knitted tank tops are also in, and bold jerseys pop up to break the monotony of typical shapes and colours for the cooler weather. Red is the trend and camel colour remains unstoppable. And the top accessories include small handbags and wellington-type boots with thick soles.

Illa Carlemany