Fashion for infants and kids of all ages also has its place at illa Carlemany

The range of fashion brands that fill illa Carlemany, THE CENTRE in Andorra, include great proposals for infants and kids of all ages. OVS and Benetton 012, located on floors 1 and 2, are already stocked with many of the models that they’ll be selling in the upcoming months, when first communions, weddings and family events become more prevalent. And also at a time when kids take centre stage and want to sport their own style, making it a must to find the perfect look for each event.

OVS Kids has an entire ceremony line, featuring elegant and contemporary combinations where linen and flecked cotton blazers mix and match with elastic and cotton shorts in solid colours and contrasting belts. Another essential basic is the navy-blue blazer, with its trim pocket and print handkerchief, combined with a sky-blue cotton shirt with relief pattern.

If there’s one thing the new Benetton collection for children has, it’s the burst of colours offered. Jackets, hoodies, trousers, t-shirts, dress shirts, vests, sweaters, backpacks and other items further liven up the springtime, whether in solids or combining two, three or many more colours. After the typical dark tones of the autumn and winter, Benetton’s colourful pieces are a shout out of pure joy.

That said, the Italian brand’s more formal line does offer more serious and classic colours, with more elegant materials and finishes. Navy blue, pastels and delicate prints, such as floral cascades, jacquard and polka dots, accompany ruffles, chiffons, laces and light cotton.

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