Fall fashion trends

The new season is about to start, and with that, it’s time to refresh our wardrobe and follow the latest trends for this fall. The return to what was in fashion last year, is now better than ever with a range of garments that mark a turning point for fashion this fall.

For women it’s all about garments with high fitting collars in cream, ochre, brown tones and other typical fall colours, as well as oversized knitted sweaters.

These garments are accompanied with pleated trousers and jeans combined with shoes and sneakers, footwear that has become very fashionable in recent years. As far as outerwear is concerned, check blazers are worn in brown and grey tones, and long coats in cream and toasted tones combined with the sneakers mentioned above, give a comfortable yet elegant look. Also, in style are leather jackets in different colours for a rocker look.

Men continue to wear chino pants, sweatshirts and oversized shirts. Denim, black and green are the tones that are mostly in fashion for these types of garments this year. Concerning footwear, the must-haves this fall are leather shoes that are not only stylish but also combine with any basic pants.

Now that you know which clothes will be in fashion this fall, remember that you can find everything you need in our stores at Illa Carlemany. Towns like Barcelona and Tarragona have a holiday coming, so take advantage of this extra free time and come and visit our centre. And remember, we have extended our opening hours until 9pm so there’s more time for you to shop! Follow the latest fashion trends!

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