One more reason to visit illa Carlemany: the spectacular exhibition “Art en paper”

One more reason to visit illa Carlemany: the spectacular exhibition “Art en paper”

The shopping centre is a living space where things are always happening: new brands are arriving, new restaurants are opening, the array of services on offer is growing, and events are constantly being held to enrich the experience of visiting illa Carlemany. This is definitely the case this summer, with the “Art en paper” exhibition, which runs until 11 September.

Large pieces made with the “quilling” technique

Quilling – or paper scrolling – is a craft technique linked to paper folding traditions that go back to China in the 2nd century, when paper was invented. It consists of making decorative designs with paper strips rolled up on themselves, resulting in three-dimensional figures with different features of relief and nuance depending on the type of paper used.

Figures inspired by nature

The exhibition, open to the public from 28 July on the ground floor of the shopping centre, features large figures of animals and plants, most of which represent examples of the country’s flora and fauna. Daffodils, woodpeckers and wood grouse are presented around a scenic Roser-style photo stage – where paper figures and painting are combined – and a central garden filled with huge flowers and a canopy of butterflies also made of paper.

Live quilling demonstration to open the exhibition

On both Friday 28 July from 3pm and Saturday 29 July from 4pm, the Missmsmith studio team will create some of the pieces for the exhibition live, based on sketches by Marta Herrero Arias. This is an opportunity for the public to see this ancient technique in action, and witness the painstaking work it requires as well as the splendid results, rich in colours, textures and shapes.

Illa Carlemany