Enjoy the sales before Christmas at illa Carlemany

Enjoy the sales before Christmas at illa Carlemany

Enjoying sales before the Christmas holidays begin is something you can take advantage of at illa Carlemany from Friday, 17 December. In Andorra, the Christmas sales start earlier, providing another incentive for anyone thinking of coming up here to enjoy some shopping. Whether for Christmas gifts or the Three Kings at Epiphany, or something special to wear on New Year’s Eve, it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

The sales period lasts for around three months, and the discounts will increase as these months go by, but you’ll always find the greatest range of specials on offer in fashion and accessories. This makes things a lot easier on the pocket, especially at a time when we all have gifts to buy, want to show off a new outfit or two, and enjoy some special seasonal treats.

As for winter sports material and equipment, the sales dates are a little different, starting in the middle of the snow season. Which makes sense, because the ski season usually kicks off in early December. That’s when the resorts get all their facilities going, including the snow cannons and all, so that winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy the season to the fullest.

The key is that Andorra, as a shopping destination, becomes even more attractive by offering a sales period before the Christmas holidays start. And that the illa Carlemany shopping centre – the centre of Andorra – offers a wide range of fashion brands. Altogether, this makes illa Carlemany the best destination for shopping at Christmastime, and the whole year round, too!

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