Easy ways to get rid of summer weight gain

In the summer, we typically eat more food that is rich in fat and sugar. We also drink more alcohol. Therefore, when the summer holiday is over, it’s time to pick up our daily routine and get rid of that extra summer holiday weight. It’s important that in the aftermath of eating all that extra food, we try to cleanse our body.

Here are some useful tips that will help you restore your balance and vitality so you can be healthy and take care of your body.

Drink a lot of water: hydrating is essential to eliminate all those toxins from our body. Try to drink two or three litres of water every day.

Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. It sounds obvious, but not everybody is aware of this. To cleanse your body, fruits like apple and watermelon are crucial, as well as vegetables like spinach, chard or arugula.

Eat meat in moderation and without fat. Chicken or turkey breast without skin and grilled. White fish is also highly recommended. Red meat and blue fish should be consumed occasionally during this cleansing period. Caprabo has great deals in the meat section where you can find everything that takes your fancy, like beef from Andorran farms.

Food that is amazingly very healthy for your diet is sushi. It can be stuffed with vegetables, or with fish rich in Omega-3 like salmon or tuna. Caprabo also has a section that makes fresh sushi so you can try a wide variety of sushi without having to cheat on your post-holiday diet. In addition, you can also try the pickled vegetables of La Real like eggplants, pickles and scallions that deserve to be mentioned because of their special flavour.

All these healthy foods will help you to eat clean and you can find everything you need at the Caprabo supermarket in Illa Carlemany. It has all the fresh produce sections like a butcher and a deli, fresh cheeses, a fish market, a bakery and fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a wide selection of healthy organic and locally sourced products.

Furthermore, we shouldn’t forget to do our workouts. This is a fundamental part of the process to get rid of that extra summer holiday weight. Illa Carlemany holds the NEXT fitness centre where you can work out and start the new season in a healthy way.

Come visit us and start your routine on the right foot!

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