Dress up your Summer Table

Dress up your Summer Table

Breakfasts on the terrace, dinners in the open air, lunch in the shade of the garden… Summer invites you to share meals and relax around the table with friends and family, and you can make the most of it by preparing a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, including everything from the tableware to inviting decorative details and the best background music for the occasion.

Leaving formality and protocol to one side, summer is a time to set your table with more daring touches. Tablecloths are replaced by runners, placemats, or even presentation plates and coasters; napkins of different colours, patterns and textures are combined to give a sense of life and joy; different pieces of tableware in bright colours are used to add a decorative touch; and more informal glassware is chosen, with combinations of different styles. This summer the trend is for clear glass with light tones.

While white and the range of sandy tones always bring a sophisticated look to the table, adding some colour helps convey the essence of summer. A thoughtful mix of blues and whites will evoke a seaside atmosphere. Adding more striking colours – turquoise, pink, or floral prints with a predominance of green – can create an exotic ambience of contrasting flavours.

Round it off with final decorative touches to the table and the dining area, with flower arrangements, garland lights, lanterns and candles.

Everything you need to dress up your summer table can be found at Casa Viva on the 2nd floor at illa Carlemany, the centre of Andorra, where you’ll find out how to turn your summer table into an oasis.

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