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It’s quite shocking when you look at the uses, customs and artefacts of underwear that have been worn throughout history, especially by women. Often, depending on the morality of the time, they were designed more to highlight and hide parts of the body rather than for hygienic or protective use, and always from the male gaze. Fortunately, from the end of the 19th century and, largely, throughout the 20th century, comfort became the key concern in the use and design of underwear.

And comfort, among other things, is what Tezenis offers in its products for women, men and children. A wide range from the Italian brand is available at illa Carlemany (ground floor), including underwear, loungewear, comfortable and stylish clothing, pyjamas and socks. Tezenis has been implementing resources in its production processes to help create positive change in the environment and to ensure a more sustainable fashion future.

Giving a second life to materials, transforming them into new garments, making organic cotton collections, and joining the “Pollinate the Planet” programme this spring – which preserves the important pollinating work of bees – are examples of the awareness and commitment of the Tezenis brand. And at illa Carlemany, the centre of Andorra, we very much appreciate the brands at the shopping centre that demonstrate this firm commitment.

We all have to get involved!

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