Do you want to complete the “Estripagecs” Challenge? Hiking across the most emblematic peaks of Ordino

In 2015, sculptor Pere Moles installed his work “Estripagecs” in the Natural Park of the Sorteny Valley as a window to admire the Andorran mountain peaks. His work features iron bars that were used to protect windows in rural houses against burglars and it has now become a symbol of the village of Ordino. This installation is a reference point for these six mountain peaks. You will surely enjoy the magnificent views when you climb the “Estripagecs route”.

Casamanya (2,740 m). Casamanya Peak, offers 360º views and the climb starts at Ordino hill. A path across the Airola forest will take you through the Vaques and Cap de l’Astrell trail, from where you can admire the Valira d’Orient Valley and the villages of Ordino and La Massana until you conquer your first peak.

Pic de l’Estanyó (2,915 m). Located in the Sorteny Natural Park. You can start the route from the parking lot. The route is almost 12 km and crosses meadows with old stone edges used as shelter for sheep herders and for cattle to graze, wetlands, horses, donkeys and sand dunes, the Sorteny river, Estanyó lake, where trout is fished, and the Roc del Rellotge mountain range that takes you to the second highest peak in Andorra.

La Serrera (2,913 m). Due to its proximity to the previous peak, it has the same starting point and the trail has a similar length of approximately 7 hours. Between the 17th and 19th century, this trail was used to transport iron from the Andorran mines. Once you make it to the top, the views go just beyond the Andorran borders.

Font Blanca (2,906 m). From Cabana del Castellar and crossing the forest, Font Blanca Peak lies on the French border and offers spectacular views of the Andorran territory with Sorteny Valley.

Tristaina (2,878 m). Tristaina Peak has easy accessibility formed by steep, picturesque trails. Tristaina itself is formed by 3 lakes. The trail starts at the Coma del Forat plain and requires a bit more effort before conquering the summit.

Cataperdís (2,805 m). This is the shortest route of the 6 and the start and finish are located at the end of the CG-3. Along the way you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent views of the lakes of Angonella, the Coma del Forat and Soulcern Lake Valley basins.

Join us in this challenge, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience full of Pyrenees mountain adventures! It’s essential to bring a good backpack with you. So don’t forget to stop at Illa Carlemany to visit stores like The North Face, Peak Performance and Salomon, where you can also find the perfect clothes and footwear.


*Photo courtesy of Comú d’Ordino

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