Decorate your terraces and balconies to enjoy a living house

This past year we have discovered that a terrace or a balcony is a real treasure. Whatever size or shape, with the good weather coming, it’s now time to decorate your outdoor spaces and really enjoy them. Casa Viva, the home decoration store on the 2nd floor at illa Carlemany – the center of Andorra – presents four trends to help you create the atmosphere for a great summer, weather permitting! 

Terrace and garden furniture made of natural fibres provides warmth and is light, resistant and sustainable. This type of material is also used in carpets, auxiliary furniture and even lighting fixtures. 

If you are looking for something durable that is easy to maintain, resin furniture can be a good option, as it is resistant to damage from the sun, high temperatures, and rain. This furniture is also comfortable and, imitating natural textures, looks good too. 

For a fashionable outdoor space, consider rope furniture, another trend that is coming on strong this summer. This offers a nautical look, and can be easily combined with other complementary items. You’ll find unique designs, which integrate perfectly with sun loungers and hammocks, essentials for our oasis of peace and tranquility. 

Finally, decorate your interior and exterior as a single space… Establish a continuity and fluidity between these two areas with multifunctional and versatile furniture that binds them through common design elements, similar lines, and chromatic unity. 

These are some key ideas for bringing life to your outdoor spaces this season. Now just drop by Casa Viva at illa Carlemany and choose everything you need to decorate them. And enjoy it!

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