Cirque du Soleil celebrates 10 years of Illa Carlemany

Illa Carlemany is one of the sponsors of the Cirque du Soleil which is in Andorra from June 29 to July 28 to perform “REBEL”, a unique event in Europe. Cirque du Soleil’s performances are from Tuesdays to Saturdays and there is a special final performance on Sunday July 28 in a large tent in the Central Park. You can get free standing-room-only tickets or cheap paid seats in the stand for the maximum price of € 25.

You can pick up or purchase your tickets at the Information Point and Customer Service at Illa Carlemany. For more information about the show, please visit

Furthermore, because of Illa Carlemany’s 10 year anniversary, during the last week of shows, visitors will get a ticket with an alphanumeric code and the chance to win a € 1,000 gift card. The draw will take place on August 1. Participants must be 18 years or older. The tickets are handed out at the tent. To be eligible for the prize, the alphanumeric code and your personal data must be entered into electronic tablets at the shopping centre (between July 24 and 31).

On another note, some fantastic movies will premiere at Illa Cinemas. Because it’s perhaps difficult to pick a movie, we’d like to recommend three of the newest releases that will probably be this summer’s box office hits.

Pixar returns with a new release: ‘Toy Story 4’. If you thought that when Andy went to college these amazing toys would no longer have adventures, you’re wrong! Buzz, Woody and company return in a fourth movie with a very special love and adventure story. Little Bonnie now owns Andy’s toys. One day she adds a new member to the group, Forky, who doesn’t feel like a toy and Woody wants to show him that he now has to accept his role. When Bonnie goes on a family road trip, Woody takes a detour and he meets Betty, his lost friend, and discovers how great the world can be for a toy.

‘Los días que vendrán’ is Carlos Marqués-Marcet’s latest film in his trilogy on romantic relationships after ‘10.000 Km’ and ‘Tierra firme’. It tells the story of Vir and Luís, a young couple from Barcelona who find out she’s pregnant after having been dating for a year. During the next nine months, Vir and Luís share their fears, joys, expectations and realities during their life-changing experience of having a child. During this journey, they encounter different obstacles that reflect the uncertain times we are currently living in. The leading actors in ‘Los días que vendrán’, David Verdaguer and Maria Rodríguez Soto, not only are a couple in real life but Maria Rodríguez Soto was also pregnant when the movie was shot.

Our final movie tip is for the fans of the Marvel universe and Spiderman, with the movie that follows the box office hit ‘Avengers: Endgame ‘ ‘Spider-man: Far from home’, in which Peter Parker and MJ, Ned and the rest of his friends spend a holiday in Europe with the idea of resting their superpowers for a few weeks. But their plans fall through when Nick Fury asks him for help. Spiderman has to stop the attack of the Elementals that are creating chaos on the continent.

Visit us and celebrate our 10th anniversary with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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