Celebrate Mother’s Day at illa Carlemany!

The first Sunday in May is Mother’s Day, and despite the fact that we appreciate and thank our mothers for their efforts all year round, this is a special day and we celebrate it as a public festival in recognition of everything they give us. Which is why at illa Carlemany – the centre of Andorra – we have planned celebrations and gift ideas, as well as the chance to win a €100 gift card to spend on whatever you choose.

Needless to say, a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day for those of you from outside of Andorra would be a weekend getaway to the Pyrenees. Enjoy the tranquillity of the mountains, the beauty of the natural landscapes, and the extensive range of wellness centres, shopping, and restaurants on offer. You can fit a lot into a couple of days up here with a bit pf planning, and any great trip will undoubtedly lead you to illa Carlemany, where you can buy tickets to the Caldea-Inúu spa, and have more than 60 brand-name shops to buy a little something, as well as restaurants, cinemas, and additional services, such as free WiFi… all in the centre of Andorra!

For locals, of course, there are also plenty of ways to have a great time at illa Carlemany with your mother: a meal at Pizza Roma or Foster’s Hollywood, a film at the cinema, or a special tasting menu at Cal Guillo. You can make the perfect plan. And if you need to buy a gift, there are so many options: perfumes, clothes, accessories, jewellery, electronics, and more. Follow us on Instagram for some excellent suggestions and ideas.

So how about it? Nothing could be easier than celebrating Mother’s Day with us!

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