Caprabo at illa Carlemany in Andorra, to follow the Mediterranean die

Combining the regular practice of sports with a balanced Mediterranean diet is highly beneficial to our health. How? The Mediterranean diet is known to be an excellent nutritional model and one of the healthiest and most well-balanced lifestyles in the world, as it favours good health and prevents illness.

If you’re one of those people who try to eat healthy, you need to know that Caprabo at illa Carlemany has an extensive assortment of all the essential ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. In the produce section, you’ll find fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as aromatic herbs. Spices such as the bay leaf, cinnamon and pepper, among others, are also available on the supermarket’s shelves, as well as a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts, legumes, olive oil, bread, pasta, rice and other grains.

Another feature of the Mediterranean diet is that it places priority on the consumption of fresh fish. Caprabo at illa Carlemany offers a diverse selection of fish, along with a great meat department including the leanest white meats, as well as assorted cheeses, which, in moderation, also hold their place in the Mediterranean diet.

Yet the concept of the Mediterranean diet goes beyond a mere list of foods. In fact, it’s a lifestyle, with a balance between diet and moderate daily physical activity. Moreover, it tends to steer clear of copious feasts, while promoting the social and interactive aspects of meals, banishing sugary drinks and making water the main beverage, along with the moderate consumption of wine, a staple on the shores of the Med.

illa Carlemany makes it easy to combine the two pillars of this lifestyle: sport and a well-balanced diet. On the one hand, the gym Next, located on the floor 2 of the shopping centre, boasts a wide range of classes, activities and equipment, as well as an extensive schedule, open every day of the week. And on the other hand, the illa Carlemany Caprabo supermarket, located on floor 0, offers the service, convenience and everything you need to stock up on the products of the Mediterranean diet.

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