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As Sant Jordi – or St. George’s Day – approaches, booksellers and literary critics publish their lists of recommended titles. They serve as useful guides when it comes to choosing a genre or particuar book for Sant Jordi, whether it’s a gift for someone, or for yourself! From illa Carlemany, on the advice of Llibre Idees, the bookshop on the 2nd floor of the shopping centre, we give you a number of titles in Catalan that are almost guaranteed to make the bestseller lists this year.

From Andorra, Paraula d’Andorra, by David Paloma, is a collection of Catalan words spoken in this part of the Pyrenees, the result of the language’s adaptation over time to the political and historical peculiarities of Andorra. Also recommended is Carlemany i Andorra. Història de la Carta Pobla, el document que va originar una llegenda, by Oliver Vergés Pons. This volume is based on exhaustive research into one of the founding documents of Andorra; a document that is shrouded in mystery, especially regarding its authenticity. 

As for Catalan authors, the bestsellers this year are bound to include Consumits pel foc, by Jaume Cabré; L’home que va viure dues vegades, by Gerard Quintana, and La dona de la seva vida, by Xavier Bosch. Another likely contender is the Catalan edition of Sira, by María Dueñas. These are all renowned authors, of course, even if Quintana is better known as a singer rather than as a writer. 

Either way, the stories told in any of these titles are guaranteed to touch the reader, allowing us to experience disappointment, enthusiasm, pride… it all depends on what lies behind the words that fill the pages of these wonderful books.

 Remember, reading sets us free… at Sant Jordi and always!

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