Beat the heat

Beat the heat

Ice creams are the star treat in summer – refreshing, hydrating and delicious – even though they make great desserts in winter too! For some years now, frozen yoghurt has also been on our list of cool delicacies. Again, not exclusively a summer product, but as with ice cream, a sweet treat to beat the heat.

The origins of ice cream are uncertain, but it is attributed to the mixtures of honey and fruit with ice brought over the mountains by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Frozen yoghurt is much more recent, or at least its popularization is, dated to around 1970 in South Korea. Today it is widely available in the United States and many European countries, and is also easy to prepare at home. And in summer, it is a great option at any time of the day, refreshing and delicious, especially mixed with seasonal fruit, an ideal combination.

On the 2nd floor of illa Carlemany, the centre of Andorra, you can taste exquisite frozen yoghurt at Yogurtería by Danone. Made with natural yogurt, you’ll find a variety of serving options and the possibility of adding a range of different toppings, such as chopped fruit, cookies, melted chocolate or choc chips, jams and nuts, among others.

Be tempted, and get it served in a delicious waffle cone, in the purest ice cream style!

Illa Carlemany