And with the pandemic, the tracksuit returns

Inevitably, lockdown and teleworking – which have meant a lot of time spent at home for most of us – have brought us a greater appreciation for the tracksuit. This item of clothing, largely shunned by the big fashion brands, has made a comeback during the pandemic because of our quest for comfort. Designs, functionality and styles have been updated and, ultimately, almost everyone – consumers and brands alike – has given in.

Fancy brands still hide them behind other designs, a few rows back perhaps, and tend not to display them in the shop windows – even when their prices are prohibitive for most mortals. But many popular brands, priced within reach of most pockets, were already committed to the tracksuit even before the pandemic, with the rise of streetwear style some four years ago. Unpretentiously, comfort is the key here, although this does not necessarily mean renouncing luxury. Tracksuits have served many people who have had to stay at home for days and attend, for example, conference calls that are not formal but still require a sense of style. They have become truly multi-purpose garments.

At illa Carlemany, the centre of Andorra, Jack & Jones (1st floor) offers sweatshirts and, looking toward the summer season, items inspired by the traditional tracksuit but with shorts. Hugo Boss (ground floor) also has comfortable garments inspired by this style of everyday wear, designed for the younger public and its offshoot brands. Hugo Boss also employs sustainability criteria in its production process, such as the use of organic cotton. Levi’s (1st floor) also demonstrates its interest in making fashion more sustainable. 

If you’re into streetwear, you’re sure to find your style at illa Carlemany!

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