An adventure park in the Pyrenees for the whole family

An adventure park in the Pyrenees for the whole family

At just 15 km from the principality’s capital Andorra la Vella, in the parish Sant Julià de Lòria, you can find adventure park Naturlandia and Tobotronc, the world’s longest Alpine toboggan. Set in the middle of a forest, the park covers 800 hectares at 2,000 m above sea level with different activities and adventures for the whole family and another part at 1,600 m above sea level with the esplanade with the main rides and most of the activities for children and adults, like the Airtrekk and the park’s biggest attraction, the Tobotronc, an exhilarating experience for all ages. The highest point of the park is located in the forest at 16 km on La Rabassa road, divided into spaces with guided activities, the ski resort below and the animal park.

Adventures and fun for all

Tobotronc. With a length of 5.3 km, it’s the world’s longest alpine toboggan run surrounded by nature. A totally unforgettable experience! An amazing drop of 400 m in a sled that seats two people and runs on steel rails. Riders can adjust the speed of their descent at all times. A different way to explore the Pyrenees and the Rabassa forest. Riders of the Tobotronc have to be over 1.20 m tall and children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Airtrekk. Airtrekk is an incredible aerial circuit to test the balance of children and adults, with different difficulty levels and always equipped with harnesses and a safety guide. Naturlandia’s sky trail is the largest one in Europe. It’s built on a 13.5m-high wooden structure made up of 10 towers covering more than 400 m of surface with three different height levels. There are 54 obstacles to conquer along the route of the Airtrekk which also has a 180m zip-line.

In addition, there are also exclusive spaces where smaller children can have fun and adventures, such as riding a pony, sliding down the mountain on a tire, jumping on trampolines or playing in a bouncy castle. They can also practice sports like miniature golf and crossbow. Children over 1.20 m tall are allowed to drive a 4×4 buggy, provided that they are accompanied by an adult.

Experience the nature of the Pyrenees

See bears, wolves and other animals native to the Pyrenees at the animal park. Catch the glimpse of a lynx or deer and in summer you can also watch marmots in very safe facilities integrated into their natural habitat. Take the route through the forest and go to the observation points with different viewpoints. Complete the experience with a visit to the Farm School and Nature’s Classroom. This will be an experience beyond compare for spending an active day with the family learning about the nature and culture of Andorra. Depending on the weather conditions, you will complete the route on foot, whoile cross-country skiing or using snow boots.

Explore the forests in snow boots, go cross-country skiing across the 15 km of different levels tracks, take a ride with a snowmobile or try any other of the many snow activities on offer at La Rabassa and Naturlandia. But, as you can see, this park offers adventures all year round.

* You can purchase your day passes at the Carlemany Information and Customer Service Point or go there fore more information about Naturlandia.

**Photograph courtesy of Turismo de Andorra

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