After work drinks at illa Carlemany

Here in Andorra it’s very common for people to head over to a bar or café for a drink after work, yet one variation that we’ve inherited from the Anglo-Saxon culture is after-work socialising, specifically with the people from work.

This custom has been typified in different US TV series, where a bar becomes the temple of fun and distraction for the characters, who, apart from criticising their bosses or discussing the latest stories of the day, end up bonding personally and sharing their worries, their joys and even their tears. After all, let’s face it: we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our families.

If this is part of your routine, illa Carlemany has two ideal places where you’re sure to feel right at home. Whether you’re going out for a beer, a glass of wine or a light bite to eat, the shopping centre’s floor 0 offers you a choice between Dehesa SantaMaría and Cal Marquet, both of which are open until ten pm, at the earliest. Now that it’s cooler out, it’s nice to find a cosy spot inside the café or on the terraces of the shopping area.

Some chilled white wine, a beer or a glass of cava are a fun way to end a tough work day. Of course, it’s still important to keep a safe social distance and wear a mask when entering or leaving the café or terrace. We mustn’t forget the “new normal” and everyone’s responsibility to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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