14 March, Constitution Day in Andorra and one year of the pandemic!

On 14 March, Andorra celebrates the ratification by referendum of its Constitution, an event that marked a turning point in the recent history of this small country. That’s why 14 March is one of the four public holidays on the calendar when everything must close, although it is the only one of these four dates on which, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday – as it does this year – shops are allowed to open.

This year, 2021, the date is also notable as it marks one year since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Despite the circumstances we have lived through, with a confinement of almost three months and ongoing repercussions, illa Carlemany, the centre of Andorra, has always kept its doors open. Initially to allow access to the essential establishments on the ground floor – the Caprabo supermarket and the Galeno pharmacy – and later, as permitted by the health authorities, to open other stores and maintain the life and activity that the shopping centre has always enjoyed.

From day one we instituted a number of hygiene and sanitary measures: the lifts are equipped with an ultraviolet disinfection system, activated when the lifts are stopped; a similar system is also used to automatically disinfect the escalator handrails when they enter the moving mechanism; entry and exit routes to the facilities have also been marked; hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been installed; air and surface disinfectants have been installed, and the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting rest rooms and baby changing rooms has been increased.

We’ve undertaken all these measures and more, because guaranteeing people’s safety is a priority at illa Carlemany.


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