Happy Pills, a sweet proposal at illa Carlemany

Happy Pills —with a name suggestive of the effects of its products— is the sweets shop at the illa Carlemany shopping centre, Andorra’s centre. Located on floor 2, this isn’t just any sweets shop. The concept here is completely different from that of a conventional shop of this type.

This is a special place. For starters, this shop is dressed in pink and white, the corporate colours of the Barcelona-based brand. In fact, those who do not know the shop may even mistake it for a pharmacy. Yet it’s got nothing to do with a pharmacy… or perhaps it does… What makes this shop different from conventional sweets shops is the fact that here the customers enjoy the experience of making their own medicine for any sort of discomfort. A ‘medicine’ based on sweet things. How does it work? Well, it’s very simple: the customer has jars of different sizes, formats and prices (which serve as pillboxes), and fills them with sweets, labelling them with the message that best suits the recipient and his/her mood.

This shop offers pre-filled jars and cones of sweets, as well as customised jars for weddings, first communions, christenings, and company gifts. At Happy Pills, they are constantly innovating, offering gluten-free, sugar-free and aloe-based products, and they even have figurines that melt in hot water—like tablets—made of an amazing tea.

In a word, this is a very different sweets shop that you’ll only find at illa Carlemany. A shop that conveys a positive message. At times like these, a nice dose of positive energy is always a good idea!


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