Happy Pills, a fantasy candy store

Happy Pills is a candy store with a totally different and fun concept. The store looks like a futuristic, white and luminous pharmacy where jelly beans come in prescription pill boxes as if they were “capsules” of happiness.

It should be noted that not only can you select from a huge choice of fun candies, you can also fill your own pill box, called a “jar of happiness” with whatever candy you want. Then, to help improve your mood in complicated situations, like love troubles or to reduce stress, you can slap a fun label with a positive text on your jar to make you feel better when you start eating the candy.

So, if you want to have your candy jar bursting with color, chocolate, crunchy sweets, gluten-free or sugar-free candy, sweets with aloe vera, traditional licorice or, more inventive, candy made with rhubarb, don’t hesitate to visit Happy Pills d’Illa Carlemany. You can buy either ready-made pill boxes, or you can create one yourself!

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